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About  us

Every child can learn anything, anywhere!

Ed Grande Tuition was born out of a passion and desire to help children succeed in school and beyond their school years.

Our number one commitment is to you and your child, and we promise to:

  • deliver real progress using our bespoke program and exceptional tutors;

  • help your child develop positive learning habits;

  • support you as you help your child's learning at home.

Our program is one of a kind

Our unique program reflects the national curriculum and is designed to be relevant to real-world situations.

Our interactive classes take place online, at the convenience of your home. Group classes of 1 tutor to a maximum of 6 students, means we provide focused tuition and can monitor progress effectively.


We help your child build life-long skills and positive learning habits

At Ed Grande Tuition, excellence is at the heart of what we do, and we strive to bring our students the highest quality of education. Our tutors are carefully selected, and undertake continuous professional development and training so that we can continue to serve you and your child effectively.

We welcome feedback and take every opportunity to work with parents and other stakeholders in the sector to ensure each child receives the best educational experience.

We inspire your child to become their best selves

Our Process

At Ed Grande Tuition, our registration and learning process ensures your child gets the best educational experience.

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Here's what Parents are saying about us

Aaliyyah enjoyed the tutoring from Ed Grande Tuition and she is hoping to learn more.

We would love to support you in helping your child achieve success

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