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Bespoke Tuition Programme

Our  41-week programme is dictated by the National Curriculum. It is based on year groups where our tutors will teach new materials each week. 

Interactive Lessons

Our lessons are creatively planned and delivered in a way that is most relatable to your child. This helps your child gain full understanding of the topic. Our lessons are encouraging, motivating and fun.

Putting Your Child First

Putting your child first dictates all that we do. Our lessons have been planned and prepared with your child in mind. Our small groups allow our tutors to focus on your child. We provide guidance and support in and out of the sessions to help your child excel in school and beyond. 

Positive Reinforcement

We applaud your child for their achievements, good behaviour and completion of work. We also encourage your child to clap for themselves and others upon their achievement. 

Encouraging Personal Growth 

Your child's personal, social and emotional growth is important to us. We don't just encourage their learning, we promote skills that will help them become well rounded individuals in preparation for adulthood, the working world and wider society. 

Boosting Confidence

We encourage your child to speak confidently, answer questions independently, present ideas, ask for help when needed and clapping for themselves and others upon their achievement. 

Weekly Worksheets

Weekly workbooks are given to accompany our bespoke lessons. Our tutors will assist your child throughout the lesson and beyond, where needed. Part of the workbook will be given as homework to reinforce learning.

Frequent Tests

Your child will be given frequent tests throughout their time with us. This will ensure that the lessons taught are always remembered long after. 

Regular Feedback

Our tutors will provide feedback on your child's progress at the end of each lesson and information on how you can help your child at home - keeping you up to date and involved every step of the way. 

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