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Frequently asked questions

  • Do you follow the National Curriculum?
    Yes. Our lessons for English, Maths and Science are based on the National Curriculum.
  • How old does my child have to be to join Ed Grande Tuition?
    We take students starting from Reception (age 4) and teach up to Key Stage 3.
  • When do lessons take place?
    Our lesson takes place on weekday evenings and weekends. Please contact us to find out further information relating to your child's age and needs.
  • Where do lessons take place?
    Our lessons are delivered online.
  • What is the student to tutor ratio?
    We try to maintain a ratio of six students per tutor.
  • How often will my child attend Ed Grande Tuition?
    Your child will attend our online classes once a week either on a weekday evening or weekend for a maximum of two hours. For one to one classes, please contact us to discuss your needs.
  • Do you give homework?
    Your child will receive a weekly workbook to reinforce the classwork. Their workbook will in marked and returned the following week with feedback.
  • Do you monitor my child's progress?
    Yes, we monitor your child's progress. Your child is given regular tests to ensure that they are familiar with and understand the topics that they have been taught. We also provide you with feedback on your child's progress.
  • How much does it cost?
    Our fees vary between £8 - £10 per hour for two hour group sessions. For one-to-one lessons please contact us.
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